Review: BBNail “Eye Candy: Men’s” – Dirty Blond, Sexy Centerfold and Heavenly Hunk

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Back in August, a little while after I first got sick, BBNail very kindly sent me these products for review.  I’m going to be doing them in a couple of batches cos of low energy.

First up: Dirty Blond

I have to say this colour doesn’t suit me at all.  I think it could look really good on someone with the right skin tone, which I think would have to be considerably darker than mine.  On me, it just looks like the colour of (Caucasian) “flesh-toned” sex toys. >.<  It also gives me a bit of the ol’ lobster hands.  Not a good look on me.  (I also tend not to wear lighter shades/”nudes”/pastels because they’re often read as feminising more than I would wish.)  The formula was on the thin side – this is three coats.

Sexy Centerfold

I like this grassy, dusty, slightly greyed-out green; it reminds me of willow leaves.  I’m not sure what it’s got to do with Centerfolds, but then nail varnish names often don’t seem to have a lot of logic.  Again, this is about three coats.  Here it is with some crappy cheap-ass gold shatter I got at the pharmacy (I think it was Sally Hansen, don’t remember now):

Heavenly Hunk

This baby blue (which is really is, though it looks a bit darker and greyer here thanks to my crappy camera phone) isn’t a colour I would have chosen.  I mean, it’s a nice colour as pale blue nail varnishes go, and I’m sure it will really suit some people, but it’s just not a colour I’m into.  Once again the name’s not a selling point for me: I feel a bit daft wearing something called “Heavenly Hunk”, though I suppose it’s no worse than OPI’s puntastic names.  Also I had a *lot* of trouble with the formula on this one, as you can see in the top pic.

The formula is definitely a bit of a problem in all of these.  They’re very thin and inclined to streak, and the brush is long and floppy.  The colours also separate easily – when I looked at Dirty Blond today, it had orange floating on top.  It mixed up again fine, but it was a bit unnerving!

Next time I’ll review the other three colours in the set.


Quickie review: Margarita Bloom The Frog Prince Frankincense and Myrrh Lovely Lotion

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I got a sample of this with an order from the wonderful Pretty Indulgent.  I didn’t even bother trying it at first, cos it was when I was still feeling lousy and I was like, “…lotion, okay.”

And then the other day I opened it and smelled it.




People, this doesn’t smell like crappy fake Christmas “frankincense and myrrh” scents.  This smells like the ACTUAL RESINS.  I only have this tiny tub of it, but I keep putting it on my wrists and huffing them like it’s perfume.  If I had the money I would DEFINITELY buy a full bottle.

I can’t talk about the moisturising properties etc, because I’ve been applying such small amounts it’s impossible to tell.  But it SMELLS SO GOOD.  I can’t find it on the Margarita Bloom site, which makes me sad cos it makes me think I won’t be able to get it if I do have enough money at some point.

Until then I’m just going to keep sniffing my wrists.

and sometimes, people surprise you

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I spent about 15 minutes putting on makeup after my shower this morning.  Because I’ve been sick for over two months, some of which was spent only able to get from bed to chair and most of which which was spent not being able to walk further than the pharmacy on the corner, because I felt grotty and tired, because I have a turquoise t-shirt with a squid on it and that is awesome, because I need a haircut SO BADLY[1], because I spent time last night sorting out all my makeup and how it’s stored, because I wanted to.

And I was scared, going out.  I always am.  On the “being a bloke wearing makeup” front, and because of the possibility that it’d get me misread as female.  Every time I go out like this I literally put my life in danger – not just from bigots (and anyway, everything I’ve seen so far in my neighbourhood suggests that, unlike some other places I’ve lived, no one is going to take a swing at me in the street in the middle of the day), but because being misread as female makes me suicidal (I have personal reasons for this, it’s not sexism).

So there I am, in my turquoise squid shirt and my jeans that’re too big since I lost 30lb in a couple of weeks from c diff, and my brown fake leather jacket and my cheap brown fake leather boots with a bit of a heel, and my tiny scruffy chinbeard, and makeup. Eyeliner and eyeshadow and a little bit of lipstick and lip gloss, a little bit of glitter on my lips and eyes.  (And Evil Shades’ “The Shine Killer” on my skin, because my skin produces enough grease to supply an entire chain of fast food restaurants.)

I don’t know how I looked to other people.  I stared at myself in the mirror, and it was like one of those pictures where you can either see two faces OR a candlestick, the old woman OR the young one.  It felt like with one eye I could see what I wanted to see, and with the other all I could see was acne scars and prednisone rash and double chin and out-of-control hair and so on.  Too old and pudgy to be the pretty-androgynous-boy-in-makeup, too short and ambiguous (and pudgy) to be the unquestionably-male-bearded-dude-in-makeup.

I felt sick and anxious.  But fuck it, I needed my Red Bull.  Do not get between me and caffeine.  And I also felt happy at the same time, because I like playing with shiny things, pretty colours, changing my appearance.  I like, finally, after a lifetime of hate and ambiguity towards it, wearing makeup.

And my squid shirt was pretty rad.

So I went out.  Not far, cos I still can’t walk far.  Just the block to the dépanneur[2].  Even so I thought about slinking through the back alleys so few people would see me.  But it was sunny and autumnal and I was outside again after being so fucking ill for so fucking long, and I don’t want to be a coward.  (Did I mention my squid shirt is rad as fuck?  Oh yeah.)

So I walked to the dep, along the main road.  And yeah, I got a couple of looks.  I looked nervously at my reflection in every damn window (and kept thinking, fuck, I need jeans that fit me).  Do I look female?  Do I look too ambiguous?  Am I going to get grief?

Got to the dep, grabbed my Red Bull, headed to the counter.  The vaguely-familiar young woman behind the counter looked at me, gave me a big smile and said, “Oh!  No wife?”

I blinked.  What was this?  Was this going to be her starting something?  I could feel everything tense up.  “I’m sorry…?”

“Oh, I used to work at the Asian supermarket on the corner.  I used to see you and your wife a lot, buying vegetables.  How is she?”

“Oh!  Oh.  Uh, she’s at work today.  So I’m, you know.  Loading up on the caffeine.”

“Haha, yeah.  Well, say hello to her for me!”

…And then I went home.  And beyond a couple of odd looks, no one was mean to me.  And it was a beautiful day in this neighbourhood.


[1] For other dudes it seems like when their hair gets shaggy it just makes them look like Wolverine or something.  For me, it makes me look like this.

[2] Corner store/convenience store/newsagents, btw.  Not the car breakdown rescue people.

I live

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I’ve been quite amazingly ill since July – to give you an idea, I dropped 30lb in a couple of weeks at the beginning, and things have been up and down since then.  But now I can, like, walk and stuff again, so that’s good!

Hoping to get back on the review bandwagon soon.  Will probably put some more personal-experience-type posts up in the meantime.

Exciting arrival!

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I was thrilled to receive in the post today the new “Eye Candy” line for men from BB Couture!  I have to be at the hospital tomorrow, but I’ll be reviewing them as soon as I can.  Exciting!

back from hiatus, and a contest entry

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Sorry for the hiatus – I’ve been dealing with some nasty medical stuff that’s had me in and out of the hospital having tests. Now I’m back, and will get back on reviewing things!

In the meantime, here’s a look I did for Geek Chic‘s contest on Facebook. The mandate was to, “Create an EOTD or LOTD based off a geeky inspiration (sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, video game, etc),” and I decided to do something inspired by G’Kar from Babylon 5, both because G’Kar’s generally awesome and because I love that copper, green, gold and gunmetal colour scheme.  Check it out on him here.

For my eyes I used High Voltage’s “Valhalla” wet as a liner, and then the shadow colours are blended from Vor, Yggdrasil and Glitnir, all also by High Voltage; Pure Fusion’s Daphne and Hestia; and Sephora Artist shade 807.  My lips are Evil Shade’s Dragon’s Wing and Matesse’s Vietnam, and my nails are a layer each of Bourjois’ Vert Gothique and Midie’s No 388, with a topcoat of Essie’s “Matte About You” mattifying topcoat.

I really wanted to do a look that was based on a male character as well as shown on a guy.  Hoping it’ll be successful, because I really want to try the Geek Chic range!

Review: Nature Girlz All Natural Mineral Cream Eyeshadow

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This company is run by the same person as Erzuli Cosmetics, but “with the younger generation in mind” to “start [young women] out on the right foot”.  Well, I’m a long way from that target audience in many regards, but I bought this through her Etsy shop anyway.  I wasn’t able to find reviews in advance for either of them, which I’ll admit did concern me a bit.

They arrived well-packed and padded, and in good time.  When I opened them the first thing I noticed was that they weren’t sealed.  As a contact lens wearer I’m very concerned with eye hygiene, so this bothered me.  (Being a lens wearer is one of the reasons I like cream shadows.)  I know not all indie sellers do seal their products, but it’s something that I like to see.

I got the “Gold Digger” and “Treasure” colours:

The colours are nice, shimmery without being excessively sparkly, though not particularly unusual.

When I opened them, the texture was nice, smooth and creamy and easy to slick on.  However, they’d been in our mailbox for a while in extremely hot weather, and now that it’s cooled down they’re much stiffer and harder to work – difficult to apply with any precision or even to blend.  I can see the main use for these being if you want to stick a small pot or two of something in your coat pocket or bag and just schmear it with a finger if you want to fancy up a little.

The other downside I find they have is the smell.  They smell quite strongly of something like Play-Doh or salt dough, and it’s not very pleasant.  It actually ended up annoying me enough that I removed the shadow, which is obviously suboptimal.

I can see these being very good for the purpose they’re designed for: for a young person (of whatever gender) experimenting with makeup and wanting something simple that’s safe, cheap and can be applied and removed easily (so long as they don’t mind smelling of Play-Doh).  I’ll keep them around for situations like I mentioned above, so long as the scent dies down or I’m wearing fragrance.  For anything more complex or sophisticated, I’d say give this one a miss.