Nubar’s Venetian Glass Fall ’10: Arencia

(Working through reviewing some older varnishes out of my case to resist the temptation to buy more!)

I love the colour of this.  Unfortunately, this particular application of it fell prey to our Argentine red tegu, Sherman – of which more later….

It’s a really rich orange, definitely more at the red end of the spectrum, with glowing coppery-gold flecks.  It reminds me of a fire: the embers and the sparks.  There’s a real depth to it.  Here’s a sloppy application done while watching TV just to give an impression of the colour.  (One of the things I want to show with this blog is that you don’t have to have any amazing glamour!skills – and I certainly don’t! – you can still have epic amounts of fun with makeup.)

It went on very easily (the brush is great), though I did find it a little on the light side.  I needed to put three coats on to get it opaque – if you don’t mind having it slightly translucent, you could easily get away with two.

The real downside is that you definitely can’t skip a topcoat – something I learned wearing it before.  This is a shame, because I like the less-shiny finish, but if you don’t use a topcoat it’ll die in short order.

This was demonstrated by tonight’s antics with the tegu.  I’d just finished putting on this messy application when we realised it was time to feed the tegu.  At this point, I’ll introduce Sherman:

At about four feet, he’s quite a sizeable beast.  However, he’s incredibly docile and spends most of his time sleeping in strange corners of the house (we let him roam free when he’s not in his cage soaking up UV rays and basking after he’s eaten).  Here you can see him sleeping on the sofa:

So here I was, slopping varnish onto my nails, when my Beloved Wife announces that it’s time to feed the tegu.  (He’s so soft he’ll only eat from someone’s hand.)  Which means finding where he’s hidden and hauling him out.  So a few minutes later we find him behind some book boxes…and he stinks.  Time for a bath!

I am here to tell you that Nubar’s Venetian Glass Fall ’10 Arencia without a topcoat cannot survive bathing a large smelly South American lizard.

Only one thing for it – OPI’s Black Shatter to the rescue.  (The only good thing ever to be associated with Katy Perry, in my opinion.)  I thought afterwards I should have used Silver Shatter, so that I matched Sherman. XD

And so the day was saved.  And yes, Sherman smells *much* better now!

Postscript: I got both these polishes through the awesome Pretty Indulgent, who I can’t recommend enough!


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