Quickie review: Margarita Bloom The Frog Prince Frankincense and Myrrh Lovely Lotion

I got a sample of this with an order from the wonderful Pretty Indulgent.  I didn’t even bother trying it at first, cos it was when I was still feeling lousy and I was like, “…lotion, okay.”

And then the other day I opened it and smelled it.




People, this doesn’t smell like crappy fake Christmas “frankincense and myrrh” scents.  This smells like the ACTUAL RESINS.  I only have this tiny tub of it, but I keep putting it on my wrists and huffing them like it’s perfume.  If I had the money I would DEFINITELY buy a full bottle.

I can’t talk about the moisturising properties etc, because I’ve been applying such small amounts it’s impossible to tell.  But it SMELLS SO GOOD.  I can’t find it on the Margarita Bloom site, which makes me sad cos it makes me think I won’t be able to get it if I do have enough money at some point.

Until then I’m just going to keep sniffing my wrists.


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