Review: Nature Girlz All Natural Mineral Cream Eyeshadow

This company is run by the same person as Erzuli Cosmetics, but “with the younger generation in mind” to “start [young women] out on the right foot”.  Well, I’m a long way from that target audience in many regards, but I bought this through her Etsy shop anyway.  I wasn’t able to find reviews in advance for either of them, which I’ll admit did concern me a bit.

They arrived well-packed and padded, and in good time.  When I opened them the first thing I noticed was that they weren’t sealed.  As a contact lens wearer I’m very concerned with eye hygiene, so this bothered me.  (Being a lens wearer is one of the reasons I like cream shadows.)  I know not all indie sellers do seal their products, but it’s something that I like to see.

I got the “Gold Digger” and “Treasure” colours:

The colours are nice, shimmery without being excessively sparkly, though not particularly unusual.

When I opened them, the texture was nice, smooth and creamy and easy to slick on.  However, they’d been in our mailbox for a while in extremely hot weather, and now that it’s cooled down they’re much stiffer and harder to work – difficult to apply with any precision or even to blend.  I can see the main use for these being if you want to stick a small pot or two of something in your coat pocket or bag and just schmear it with a finger if you want to fancy up a little.

The other downside I find they have is the smell.  They smell quite strongly of something like Play-Doh or salt dough, and it’s not very pleasant.  It actually ended up annoying me enough that I removed the shadow, which is obviously suboptimal.

I can see these being very good for the purpose they’re designed for: for a young person (of whatever gender) experimenting with makeup and wanting something simple that’s safe, cheap and can be applied and removed easily (so long as they don’t mind smelling of Play-Doh).  I’ll keep them around for situations like I mentioned above, so long as the scent dies down or I’m wearing fragrance.  For anything more complex or sophisticated, I’d say give this one a miss.


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