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Posted in Blog Business on July 12, 2011 by manupmakeup

Over time, I’m also going to open this blog up to other chap-type-people who wear makeup as guest reviewers – there’s not enough of our voices out there. 🙂


Introducing myself

Posted in Blog Business, Personal with tags on July 12, 2011 by manupmakeup

I’m J, and I’m one of those rare birds: a man who likes makeup.

I’ve worn makeup on and off since my early teens.  I’ve had about a decade off, for various reasons, and now I’m tentatively heading back into the fray.  And chronicling my adventures here.

To dispel the assumptions that people tend to make: I’m not a drag queen, though I’m interested in drag from time to time. I’m not, actually, gay – I’m a bisexual man married to a woman. I’m not Terribly Glamorous: I like to dress up from time to time, but more often I can be found in cutoffs and a tshirt channeling Foul Bachelor Frog or ruining my nail varnish growing veggies in the garden.

(On the other hand, I really like sparkly things, cute kitties, My Little Pony – and makeup.  Go figure.)

I’ll be trying and reviewing things from indie etsy eye shadows to mainstream drugstore cosmetics to (when I can afford it) fancy-schmancy shit.  As well as reviews, I’ll also be blogging about what it’s like to be a man who likes makeup in this society.  Thus the name “ManUp” – something that those of us who don’t conform to male gender expectations get told.  Well, screw you: I’ll man up with makeup, and look fabulous doing it.

Don’t expect deep knowledge, amazing photos, neat eyebrows or flawless skin.  Do expect a wild, humorous, peculiar and occasionally foul-mouthed ride.