Nyx Pump It Up Lip Plumper or, the killer bees

So I ended up with this stuff – Nyx Pump It Up Lip Plumper in Angelina – inadvertently, and I thought I’d try it since the colour is so pretty.  I’ve never tried a lip plumper, even though my lips are a bit on the shite side on that front.  So I figured, why not give it a try?  It can’t hurt, can it?

Can it fuck.

The colour in the tube is gorgeous, a pearlescent rose-gold.  Here’s a swatch on skin:

You can see it in the tube on the right here:

So I put this stuff on my lips, and it’s really pretty, a sort of pale gold iridescence that already makes my lips look larger.  It slicks on easily, precisely, with the spongy applicator; it’s not too thick or sticky, but it’s not runny either.  I figure I’ll put a fair amount on – it looks nice, and it can’t hurt, right?

And then it starts to tingle.  Okay, we’re doing alright here.  Tingling I can do.  And then the tingle gets a little bit more.  And then a little bit more.  And a little bit more.

By now it’s like when you’ve eaten something really spicy and your lips are on fire.  It’s definitely crossing the edge into painful – not agonising, but definitely smarting.  I’m pretty sure this is not what is meant by “bee-stung lips”.  I back up from the mirror, alarmed, and straight into my wife’s shirt that’s hanging to dry on the shower rail.  By the time I disentangle myself from the sleeves (don’t get lip plumper on it!  Don’t get lip plumper on it!) the chillies-pain has died down into a slight burn.  It’s not actually an unpleasant feeling.

It did stop burning mildly after about ten minutes, and just tingled after that for about half an hour, and then I didn’t notice it any more.  (However, shortly after I put it on I ate a burger and licked my lips a few times.  And now my tongue is burning.  Fail.)

It DEFINITELY had an effect, though, which was even discernible the next morning.  The colour/sparkle didn’t stay on long, but my lips were noticeably pinker from the increased blood flow.  I was surprised to find that I like the effect: I don’t normally like how my lips look in lipstick, so applying this a while before I apply lipstick might actually make a difference.  I’m going to keep it in my arsenal for now; I just wish the colour stuck around longer.

(I’m afraid I forgot to take before-and-after shots, and now my lips are showing the effects.  If I use it another time, I’ll try and remember!)

Final thoughts: for the love of god don’t give anyone head when you’ve just applied this.


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