Review: BBNail “Eye Candy: Men’s” – Dirty Blond, Sexy Centerfold and Heavenly Hunk

Back in August, a little while after I first got sick, BBNail very kindly sent me these products for review.  I’m going to be doing them in a couple of batches cos of low energy.

First up: Dirty Blond

I have to say this colour doesn’t suit me at all.  I think it could look really good on someone with the right skin tone, which I think would have to be considerably darker than mine.  On me, it just looks like the colour of (Caucasian) “flesh-toned” sex toys. >.<  It also gives me a bit of the ol’ lobster hands.  Not a good look on me.  (I also tend not to wear lighter shades/”nudes”/pastels because they’re often read as feminising more than I would wish.)  The formula was on the thin side – this is three coats.

Sexy Centerfold

I like this grassy, dusty, slightly greyed-out green; it reminds me of willow leaves.  I’m not sure what it’s got to do with Centerfolds, but then nail varnish names often don’t seem to have a lot of logic.  Again, this is about three coats.  Here it is with some crappy cheap-ass gold shatter I got at the pharmacy (I think it was Sally Hansen, don’t remember now):

Heavenly Hunk

This baby blue (which is really is, though it looks a bit darker and greyer here thanks to my crappy camera phone) isn’t a colour I would have chosen.  I mean, it’s a nice colour as pale blue nail varnishes go, and I’m sure it will really suit some people, but it’s just not a colour I’m into.  Once again the name’s not a selling point for me: I feel a bit daft wearing something called “Heavenly Hunk”, though I suppose it’s no worse than OPI’s puntastic names.  Also I had a *lot* of trouble with the formula on this one, as you can see in the top pic.

The formula is definitely a bit of a problem in all of these.  They’re very thin and inclined to streak, and the brush is long and floppy.  The colours also separate easily – when I looked at Dirty Blond today, it had orange floating on top.  It mixed up again fine, but it was a bit unnerving!

Next time I’ll review the other three colours in the set.


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