Everyday makeup

So I thought I’d post the kind of thing I wear quite often on an average day.  I like to wear a bit of makeup if I feel in need of a pick-me-up, but I don’t always want it to be particularly noticeable because I risk coming in for queerbashing if it is.  (The city I’m living in is pretty liberal, but I’ve had bad experiences in the past.)  There’ll be more exciting looks coming in later posts.

So an example of what I might wear on a regular day if I’m not going out anywhere in particular:

The shadows (on the right) are CoverGirl’s Smoky ShadowBlast in Bronze Fire.  They look pretty sparkly under a flash, as you can see here, but without direct light and applied sparingly they’re pretty subtle, which is good for my purposes – and they still have a nice pearly shimmer when the light does catch them.  I like these shadow sticks, which twist up like a lipstick, because they’re so convenient and easy to apply.  The thinner end does blunt down fast, though, which makes precision application trickier.

The eyeliner is just a cheap one I picked up in a sale somewhere – by a company called Theatre, in 081 Brown colourway.  In warmer weather like this it does go on smoothly, though, and again is quite subtle.

As you can see, I could get away with looking like I wasn’t wearing any makeup, but there’s just enough for me to be able to feel I’ve smartened up a bit.

I often put a touch of something on my lips, too.  My lips get majorly rough and cracked, so I’ve been using things that’re a little bit moisturising for me.  Here’s L’Oreal’s Colour Juice lipgloss in Caramel Creme:

As the picture shows, it’s quite gloopy, well-pigmented with a nice iridescent shimmer.  On, it looks like this:

It has a sweet, caramelly, very slightly fruity flavour (my wife commented on it favourably when she kissed me) which is very pleasant.  The tube has a flat slanting top for application, which helps in getting it on precisely.  And as it has SPF15, it helps stop my lips cracking and generally feeling like shite.  I’m interested in trying it over another product next.

Do note that it *is* a bit sticky, so if you’re not a fan of that it might be one to avoid.

I haven’t had any grief when wearing any of this – I’ve actually had some compliments on my appearance from people who haven’t even realised I’m wearing makeup!

You can see the packaging here (together with something I’ll be reviewing in the next post):


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